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  • 1 Knowledgeable Staff
    Our employees show up in uniform and ready to work!
  • 2 Step 1: Skim the Pool Surface
    This step gathers any debris such as leaves or insects
  • 3 Step 2: Vaccuum
    Gathers any submerged debris
  • 4 Step 3: Scrub Tile
    Maintains the appearance of the pool tile by removing calcium deposits or algae
  • 5 Step 4: 7 Point Chemical Test
    Allows our employees to accurately assess your pools pH and chemical balance
  • 6 Step 5: Add Necessary Chemicals
    Add chemicals and empty baskets
  • 7 Step 6: Enjoy!
    Now the pool is ready for you and your family to enjoy!
brian niemann owner

Brian Niemann

is the owner and operator of New Blend Pool & Spa. With almost 20 years experience in the industry and certified in water chemistry, he can tackle any problem you may be having with your current system. If you want to save money on running your pool he can assess the current equipment and suggest ways to improve its performance. Ask Brian about the highly energy efficient salt water systems and led alternatives to help do your part in the effort to go green.

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